Trademark Licensing Agreement &
Certification Process

In order to grant products being conform to the OSEK/VDX specifications the right to advertise with the respective name and to avoid any abuse of the name, the Steering Committee decided to set up the Trademark Licensing Agreement. For details of the certification procedure and obtaining the trademark, please refer to the certification procedure diagram and detailed information provided by MBtech, being in responsibility for the certification process. For any questions, see the contact address below. Further adresses are provided within the certification procedure diagram.

An OSEK Certification Approval Document has been issued for systems listed here (Binding index CB 3.0: OSEK OS 2.1/2.1r1, OSEK COM 2.2.2) and here (Binding index CB 4.0: OSEK OS 2.2, OSEK COM 2.2.2) and here (Binding index CB 4.5: OSEK OS 2.2, OSEK COM 3.0/3.0.x).

Contact address:       Mr. Jochem Spohr
                                Werk 59 -HPC G170
                                DaimlerChrysler AG
                                D- 70546 Stuttgart, Germany
                                mailto: [email protected]