Free License Letter

In  order to further the use of the OSEK/VDX specifications and to grant the right for companies for its free usage,  the OSEK/VDX Steering Committee decided to develop the Free License Letter. Here the undersigned OSEK/VDX partners and associated partners offer on copyrights, on patents and other industrial property rights owned by one or more of the OSEK/VDX partners and associated partners a non-exclusive, royalty-free license  to use the specification defined by the OSEK/VDX Standard as detailed in Annex 2 to this declaration for the implementation of the OSEK/VDX Standard or parts of it in automotive products.

All OSEK/VDX partners or associated partners are asked to sign Annex I of the Free License Letter, returning it to Mr. Vondracek:

Pavel Vondracek
Research- and Development Center
D-80788 München, Germany

[email protected] 

Last update - 05-14-02 -