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Operating System 2.1r1

Automotive requirements :

Operating system requirements :

OSEK/VDX Operating System


Conformance Classes

Scheduling Policy

A task switch is only performed via one of a selection of explicitly defined system services (explicit points of rescheduling)
Non-preemptive scheduling imposes particular constraints on the possible timing requirements of tasks. Specifically the non-preemptable section of a running task with lower priority delays the start of a task with higher priority up to the next point of rescheduling.
  A task which is presently running may be rescheduled at any instruction by the occurrence of trigger conditions pre-set by the operating system.
Restrictions are related to the increased (RAM-) memory space required for saving the context, and the enhanced complexity of features necessary for synchronisation between tasks.
Access to data which are used jointly with other tasks must be synchronised.
  Mixture of Non-premptively and Full-preemptively scheduled task.

Resource Management

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