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ISO Standardization

Some parts of OSEK are standardised by ISO. The official ISO number is ISO 17356.

ISO 17356 consists of the following parts:

-OSEK Glossary (located in OSEK Binding 1.4.1, part of ISO 17356-1, which consists of a ISO-style introduction and the glossary)
-OSEK Binding Specification (base: OSEK Binding 1.4.1, ISO 17356-2 with exception of the glossary)
-OSEK OS (base: OSEK OS 2.2.1, ISO 17356-3)
-OSEK COM (base: OSEK COM 3.0.2, ISO 17356-4)
-OSEK NM (base: OSEK NM 2.5.2, 17356-5)
-OSEK OIL (base: OIL 2.4.1, ISO 17356-6)

All ISO 17356 parts are officially published by ISO.

The following versions on the OSEK website are technically identical with the respective ISO versions:

Binding Specification 1.4.2
OS 2.2.2
COM 3.0.3
NM 2.5.3
OIL 2.5

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