Current Versions: v2.0
The following documents are available:

OSEK/VDX Conformance Testing Methodology v2.0:                           Tmeth20.pdf

OSEK/VDX Operating System Test Plan v2.0:                                      OStestplan20.pdf
OSEK/VDX Operating System Test Procedure v2.0:                             OStestproc20.pdf

OSEK/VDX Communication Test Plan v2.0:                                          COMtestplan20.pdf
OSEK/VDX Communication Test Procedure v2.0:                                 COMtestproc20.pdf

OSEK/VDX Network Management Test Plan v2.0:                                NMtestplan20.pdf
OSEK/VDX Network Management Test Procedure v2.0:                       NMtestproc20.pdf

Older Versions: v1.0
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